School Board Votes to Pursue School Closure: At the School Board Meeting held Monday, Feb. 12, at the Charlotte School, the School Board voted to pursue closing the school following a lengthy public comment session. Board Member Linda Fitzsimmons made the following motion: "The School Board of Charlotte hereby finds that Charlotte Elementary School is unnecessary or unprofitable to maintain within the meaning of Section 4102(3) of Title 20-A of the Maine Revised Staues; authorizes and directs the Superintendent of Schools to file a school closing report with the Commissioner of Education pursuant to Section 4102(3) of Title 20-A of the Maine Revised Statutes; and authorizes the Superintendent of School to close Charlotte Elementary School after the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year." The motion was seconded by School Board Chairperson Janet Moholland with deep regret, and passed 2-1. More details about the process of school closure as outlined in the Maine Revised Statute can be found here:

Charlotte Introduces HeyGov Issue Reporting App

As part of our recently launched website, the Town of Charlotte is introducing a new app, HeyGov, to help residents quickly and simply report issues and track status of their resolution, all on the web or via an app on your mobile phone.

With the HeyGov app, you can report issues such as:

* down trees

* flooding

* potholes

* adverse road conditions

* storm damage

… and more.

Note that HeyGov should NEVER replace contacting 911 in case of emergency.

To get started, click “Submit a Request” widget on our homepage, download the HeyGov app from the App store on your mobile phone, or visit

For a quick tutorial on how to enter and monitor a request, check out this video.